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Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack AlbumUnfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album

CD 1

1. Accidents Will Happen (Live) with Steve Nieve
2. Poison Moon
3. Watching The Detectives
4. Oliver's Army with the Attractions
5. Riot Act with the Attractions
6. New Lace Sleeves with the Attractions
7. Man Out Of Time with the Attractions
8. I Want You with the Attractions
9. When I Was Cruel No.2
10. Stranger In The House with George Jones
11. Beyond Belief with the Attractions
12. Home Truth with the Attractions
13. Indoor Fireworks - with his Confederates
14. Shipbuilding with the Attractions
15. Cinco Minutos Con Vos with the Roots
16. Bedlam with the Imposters
17. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
18. Ascension Day with Allen Toussaint
19. Red Cotton with the Sugarcanes

CD 2

1. Veronica [Demo]
2. In The Darkest Place with Burt Bacharach
3. I Want To Vanish with the Attractions
4. My Dark Life with Brian Eno
5. The Other Side Of Summer
6. London's Brilliant Parade
7. Ghost Train
8. Suit Of Lights with his Confederates
9. Jimmie Standing In The Rain with the Sugarcanes
10. The Birds Will Still Be Singing with the Brodsky Quartet
11. Wise Up Ghost with the Roots
12. Almost Blue with the Attractions
13. All The Rage
14. Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4
15. Alison
16. My Three Sons with the Imposters
17. I'm In The Mood Again
18. April 5th with Rosanne Cash And Kris Kristofferson (Previously Unreleased)
19. I Can't Turn It Off - D.P. Costello (Previously Unreleased)
20. Sketches From Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink

Belper Through TimeBelper Through Time
Adrian Farmer
From the late eighteenth century, the Industrial Age transformed Belper from a small village of nail-makers to a busy and successful town. Thanks to the Strutt family, the town was the first in the world to have water-powered cotton mills, and the hundreds of people that flocked to work in those mills were provided with homes, chapels, schools and much more. Since Belper was inscribed on to the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the Derwent Valley Mills Site in 2001, the drive to save, enhance and restore the historic town has never been greater. By comparing views from years past, this book helps to define what has survived, what has been lost, and what we can do to ensure Belper remains the unique historic community it is today.

Belper From Old PhotographsBelper From Old Photographs
Adrian Farmer
Acclaimed as the world's first cotton mill town, Belper nestles by the River Derwent, 8 miles north of Derby. From a tiny village by an ancient deer park, it was transformed by the Strutt family and others into a vibrant industrial powerhouse by the end of the nineteenth century. The town faced huge challenges during the twentieth century as mills and factories closed, and Belper adapted to survive. The present-day town lies at the heart of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, which is recognised as the birthplace of the factory system. Belper played a significant role in the development of the Industrial Age, and although much of the industry has gone, it continues to thrive today. Within the pages of this book, Belper enthusiast Adrian Farmer flits through the town's history with a unique selection of old photographs, prints and postcards to portray life for Belper's past residents, and highlight the celebrations and struggles this bustling town has witnessed.

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